AVD TechFest 2023
  • May 5, 2021
  • Patrick Köhler
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After another very successful virtual event on the 18th November 2021, we are happy to initiate the next season of the AVD TechFest and converting the event into a real in-person event! Furthermore, we want to give you a few insights what you can expect from the upcoming highlight of the year!

Start small and expand

When Simon and I started to organize the WVD Tech Fest back in October 2020, we never thought that this event could grow that much. From the initial plan of organizing an User Group like event, to a virtual event with more than 2.000 registrations, we have never expected this event to grow that much. We built everything ourselves, from the website, the intro, the event backend and much more, we wanted to bring the leading experts in Azure Virtual Desktop (at that time still Windows Virtual Desktop) and Azure together. The term “Start small and expand” should be very well known to you, if you’re an Azure evangelist. Based on the Cloud Adoption Framework, our goals was to built a solid foundation for future events, bringing the AVD Community closer together.

Back in November 2021, when the second event happened, we never thought that we were able to improve ourselves again. We had much more attendees on our event platform (Swapcard), the overall satisfaction was overwhelming, and we brought people from all over the globe together, watching and learning from each other.

What to expect from the other event?

Organizing an event for Techies like us is a real funny challenge, especially because it’s not a daily task for us. Everything we did for the event, was in our spare time and that makes us even more proud to read all the positive feedback from the community after the second event. But we won’t stop here! With the AVD Tech Fest – Live in Amsterdam we initiate Season 3 of the AVD Tech Fest.

This time we try to bring the community even closer together to learn and grow. But be sure that we won’t forget all the others that cannot make it to Amsterdam! We will be streaming some of the sessions for you live on Swapcard again and give you the possibility to interact with our speakers virtually.

Other than the two virtual events before, we will extend the Tech Fest into a two day event that will enable you to connect even more to our speakers, sponsors or us the organizers. And that’s not all, we will also allow speakers that speak about partner value products from VMware and Citrix – as long as the content is Azure related.

You can basically say we turn from an “Azure Virtual Desktop” Tech Fest into an all “Azure Virtual Desktop(s)” event.

Simon and I are already looking forward to welcome you on the 19th – 20th April 2022 in Amsterdam – make sure to pre-order your tickets now!

AVD Tech Fest 2022 – Live in Amsterdam Registration, Wed 20 Apr 2022 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

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