About the Event

Announcing the 2024 edition of our annual AVD TechFest, an international festival bringing industry experts, vendors, and community speakers together to share and discover best practices for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) technology.

Built upon the success of last year’s event in Edinburgh, the AVD TechFest Hosted by ControlUp is expanding to two days. The event will offer focused content for IT technologists, providing insights on maximizing AVD capabilities. Additionally,  a second track will cater to IT decision-makers, addressing the platform’s impact on employee’s digital experience.

This presents a unique opportunity for technology companies seeking to engage with a European-focused AVD technology audience. Join us for an enriching experience filled with knowledge exchange and networking.

Why Attend AVD Tech Fest?

Community Networking

Come together with technical community members to explore the nuances and advantages of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, VMware, Citrix for Enterprise setups, including seamless integration into current infrastructure. Join us and delve into the technology and unlock its potential for your organization’s growth.

Explore Technologists

Professionals specializing in AVD, VMware, Citrix come together to unveil fresh ideas, exchange best practices, and introduce pioneering innovations. Through this collaborative endeavor, community comprehension is propelled forward, nurturing greater adoption of the latest technology.

Decision Makers

Broadening the community’s scope goes beyond mere technological aspects, extending to optimal utilization of AVD, VMware, Citrix capabilities within current infrastructures, tools, and company-wide best practices.

Event Venue


B. 1 Johan Huizingalaan 763A
Amsterdam Netherlands

Inspired by developments and innovation in real estate in America and Berlin, the concept for B. Amsterdam was born with the principles of flexibility, rapid growth and especially building a community. Its own ecosystem. From the core values of connection, authenticity, fun and dynamism.

Join us at B. Amsterdam for a community-driven experience event, designed to foster growth, knowledge sharing, and innovation in the field of virtual desktops. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of virtual desktop technology. Register now and join us in shaping the future of AVD!

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